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Day 1 Valencia GP at Valencia Friday, November 4, 2005
A bad first day

My best result of this season was fifth at the opening race. I wanted to have better result at this final grand prix, but....

Right after the start of the first free practice session, Capirossi wasn't able to stop and crashed into me. We both fell. I changed to my spare machine and started to ride again. However, later in the session, my rear tyre slid in the forth corner and I crashed again. Then I suffered bruising to my left hand. I stopped riding early in the afternoon session because I still suffered. It turned out to be a bad first day despite my willingness.

>>Results FP1(Time: 1'36.479 , Position: 18th) / FP2 (Time: 1'34.832, Position: 15th)
Day 2 Valencia GP at Valencia Saturday, November 5, 2005
Got the third row as standing the pain

Although my hand wasn't well, I was able to ride both in the morning session and the afternoon qualifying session thanks to Dr. Costa. In the qualifying session, while standing the pain, I was riding, "Go as fast as possible." I could concentrate to run and will start from ninth on the third row. The position is not that bad under such a condition.

However, the machine set-up has not completed and I didn't ride enough yet because of the effect of yesterday's crash. I changed my mind about the race tomorrow. I would be lucky if I completed the race.

>>Results FP3 (Time: 1'34.523 , Position: 14th) / QP (Time: 1'32.663, Position: 9th)
Day 3 Valencia GP at Valencia Sunday, November 6, 2005
Unsatisfactory result, but already look forward next year.

Right after starting the race, there was a crash and I dropped to tenth. I kept riding in the position in the early stage of the race. There was something wrong with my hand, but I was racing at a more consistent pace than in the qualifying session. However, Elias overtook me and I ended up eleventh.

My ranking of the MotoGP World Championship completed tenth. Tenth was not the position that I wanted and not a good result. However, I can accept it considering such tough conditions. I had an unsatisfactory result at the last round, but this season, I gained the experience of fundamental for development of the machine. Based on that, I want to aim for better results next season.

>>Results WUP (Time: 1'34.965 , Position: 16th) / RACE (Time: 47'39.288, Position: 11th)

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